Features and Benefits of the OTR Tire Tracker Website Program

  •  Add New Equipment
  • Mark Equipment as Inactive/Active
  • Install New Tires
  • Install Spare, Repaired or Retreaded Tires w/ Tracking
  • View and Print Individual Unit Reports
View Unit 1002 Report
  • Sort Unit View by Unit Number, Active/Inactive, Last Inspection Date, Tread Remaining and Damage Condition
View Unit Report 1
  • Add/Edit Inspection Data and Upload Images of Damaged Tire
  • Track performance on all or some of the Tires on Selected Units
  • Rotate Tires on the Same Unit or Different Units
  • Transfer Units between Locations
  • Track Spare Tires by four categories
  1. Available Spare
  2. In for Retread/Repair
  3. Scrap Tire
  4. Installed Spare
  • Install Spare, Retread or Repaired Tire w/ Tracking
  • Transfer Spare, Retread or Repaired Tire to Other Locations
Spare Tires


  • Create multiple choice tests
  • Assign test to groups and/or individuals
  • Print Certificates and track progress 

Events Calendar

  • Post events on a community calendar
  • Control access view/add based on User Group and/or Individual


Open Forum

  • A site bulletin board for discussion topics
  • Add Topics and post comments 
  • Limit access based on User Group and/or Individual
  • Post and Track requests for Improvements, New Features and Bug Fixes



  • Ability to compose and send bulk email to;
  • User Groups and/or Individual


  • Your Site Administrator has the ability to limit access 
  • View, Edit, Add and Delete for each page -
  1. Based on Individual
  2. Based on User Group
  3. Or a combination of both


We are constantly working to improve and develop new innovative ways to bring the complete functionality of the internet to the Commercial Construction Company, Mining Operation, Tire Manufacturer and Commercial OTR Tire Dealer.



Now the Big Question - How much does this cost !!!


Nothing - Its Free !!!

We provide this service to the market as a free service.  All information you enter is confidential and will NOT be shared, distributed or sold to ANYONE.  The only thing we ask is for your help in expanding its scope by giving us feedback on improvements and changes you would like to see and spreading the word. 

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