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Welcome to the OTR Tire Tracker Website

This site was designed with the Construction Company and Mining Operation in mind.  OTR Tire Tracker has developed an interactive site to allow the Commercial OTR Customer and the OTR Tire Dealer to coordinate their OTR Tire needs.  Our goal is to bring true preventative maintenance to the Radial OTR Tire industry. If your equipment is mismatched, you’re losing tires to damage or you have to purchase new tires one at a time, then this program is for you.

Using Fleet Inspections, Equipment Tire Needs Evaluations, Spare Tire Utilization and Equipment Match-Up Reports, we are able to reduce the costs to the Construction Company or Mining Operation for their OTR tire expense. 

Our Goal is simple . . . To bring true Preventative Maintenance to the Radial OTR Tire Industry.  We accomplish this by bringing the Tire Manufacturer, Commercial Dealer Representative and the End User Equipment Manager together to a plan.  A plan where they can share their evaluation and fleet check information in a LIVE and usable format. Minimize emergency service by planning repairs and maintenance.  Track new, repaired, retreaded, available spare and scrap tires from a complete cradle to grave cost standpoint.  All while keeping your equipment utilization at its highest level and reducing drive train damage and wear from mismatched equipment.

For a complete list of our Features and Benefits click here.

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NOTE:  This Site, its program and future developments are available for purchase.  To contact the Designer and Developer for futher information please use the following link.  You will be directed to our parent comany.